Your Employer Does Not Get Notified

Voluntary Surrender - Your Employer Does Not Get Notified

With so many South African consumers falling into debt – it’s only natural that a wide variety of relief solutions are present to help combat this epidemic. Undergoing the act of voluntary surrender is a great option for any consumer that is insolvent. Time and time again – voluntary surrender has proven to be an incredibly effective strategy – especially if you don’t have a house or car in your name.

Many forms of debt relieve involve the gruelling action of notifying your employer. This can be humiliating for many employees – with an added risk of blackmail or shady business practices to take place between both entities. Through the process of voluntary surrender, your employer will NOT get notified once the process commences. This helps avoid a potentially dire situation between you and your employer.

With voluntary surrender – you get to keep your salary while proceeds are paid discreetly. This includes your employer being completely unaware of you undertaking voluntary surrender. You will no longer be in contact with creditors – Need A Loan has you covered and will liaise everything with them. The best part about all of this – you get to avoid repossession and not have to worry about any legal action taken against you.

At Need A Loan, we simplify the process of Voluntary Surrender. We ensure that each and every client is handled with outmost confidentiality and that the repayment process is suitable for all parties involved.

If you find yourself in the situation of becoming insolvent and not wanting your employer to be notified, voluntary surrender is the perfect option for you. To get started, fill out the form on our website.